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FAA Releases Rules for Commercial and Media Drone Operation

Posted by on Thursday June 23, 2016 | Business, Copyright/Legal, Photo Gear

Yesterday the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued a new set of rules for the use of drones in the United States for “non-hobby and non-recreational purposes,” i.e. commercial production and journalism. The rules introduce a certification process for drone pilots, address drone operation when people are present, and spell out when drone operators must clear... More

3DR Makes Solo Drone Smarter with Software

Posted by on Tuesday April 19, 2016 | Photo Gear, Video

3DR will make its Solo smart drone smarter with a new software update announced at NAB. The software tackles a number of functions designed to make the drone safer to fly and more functional. Here’s what’s coming: Software-based Scene Awareness: This will help pilots avoid obstacles. According to 3DR, the software is a more effective and safer... More

CES 2016: DJI Debuts Phantom 3 4K and New Inspire 1 Drones

Posted by on Monday January 4, 2016 | Camera

DJI got a jump on CES with new versions of its Phantom and Inspire 1 photography drones. First up is the Phantom 3 4K, the newest member in of Phantom fleet. It is closely related to the existing Phantom 3 Professional in the specs department, but uses a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi video downlink  with a range of 0.75... More

Own a Drone? You’ll Have to Register It with the FAA

Posted by on Monday December 14, 2015 | Photo Gear

The Federal Aviation Administration announced today that anyone who owns a drone weighing between .55 and 55 pounds will have to register their aircraft with the government—provided they’re not using it for business purposes. According to the FAA, registrants will need to provide their name, home address and e-mail address. When they’ve registered, they’ll receive... More

DJI Drones Are About to Get Safer But at What Price? [Updated]

Posted by on Wednesday November 18, 2015 | Photojournalism

DJI is about to make flying their drones safer thanks to a new “geo-fencing” system that will feed its flying cameras with continually updated airspace information and block them from taking off in or flying into unsafe zones. The information, provided by AirMaps, will alert DJI drone users with up-to-date guidance on locations where flight may... More

An Early Look at Footage from the GoPro Drone

Posted by on Thursday October 29, 2015 | Camera, Video

We’ve known since May that GoPro was building its own drone. While we have no new specifics on said quadcopter, we do have some sample footage from the company that purports to show off just how steady the camera stabilization system will be in flight. The footage was captured using a Hero4 attached to an... More

Uber for Drones: Fly4Me Connects Pilots with Clients

Posted by on Wednesday June 24, 2015 | Photo Gear

A photo posted by ( on Jan 29, 2015 at 2:52pm PST For all the popularity of drones, they’re far from a mass market product. Many users, even many photographers, may be leery of sending a flying robot into the air, lest it wind up on the White House lawn or on someone’s face. That’s... More