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Arne Svenson Exonerated on Appeal in Privacy Invasion Case

Posted by on Friday April 10, 2015 | Copyright/Legal, Fine Art

A New York State appeals court court has upheld a lower court ruling that rejected privacy invasion claims against fine-art photographer Arne Svenson. But the court has also challenged the New York state legislature to consider legislation to prohibit what Svenson did: photograph his neighbors inside their apartments through their un-curtained windows. Svenson was sued... More

Judge Dismisses Privacy Suit Against “Voyeur” Artist Arne Svenson

Posted by on Tuesday August 6, 2013 | Fine Art

The New York photographer who provoked controversy by photographing his neighbors through their apartment windows and exhibiting the images in a gallery has fended off lawsuit for invasion of privacy. New York State court judge Judge Eileen  A. Rakower dismissed the claim against photographer Arne Svenson, ruling that the photos in question were protected by... More