Step Inside Ansel Adams’ Darkroom

Posted by on Thursday July 7, 2016 | Video

Perhaps one of Ansel Adams’ most memorable observations is that great photographs aren’t taken, they’re made. In his day, the making of photographs took place in the dark, amid the vapors of chemicals. In this short video from Marc Silber of Advancing Photography, you’ll get a glimpse through Adams’ darkroom and learn from his son Michael... More

The Battle to Create Real Portrait Photos

Posted by on Tuesday July 5, 2016 | Video

Most people aren’t naturally predisposed to be comfortable in front of a camera, bottling up their personalities at the first sight of a lens. More than possessing the requisite technical skills, great portrait photographers are often the ones who can pop the cork and let a subject’s personality flow through their lenses. In this video... More

The Lives of Photography’s Early Pioneers

Posted by on Wednesday June 15, 2016 | Video

To paraphrase Henry Longfellow, the lives of historic figures “all remind us, we can make our lives sublime, and, departing, leave behind us, footprints on the sands of time.” The task of bringing those footprints back to life for a modern audience has fallen to animator Drew Christie, who was recently commissioned by the San Francisco... More

What Huntington Witherill Can Teach You About Composition

Posted by on Monday May 23, 2016 | Video

Huntington Witherill has had a slew of notable photographic mentors, including Ansel Adams, Wynn Bullock, Steve Crouch and Al Weber. His work is in a permanent collection at the U.S. State Department and several embassies around the world and he has taught photography at the University of California, the Center for Photographic Art, the Oklahoma... More

The “New Rules” of Composition

Posted by on Wednesday May 18, 2016 | Fine Art, Video

Photography, like many other disciplines, has a loose set of rules that are very often strategically broken by artists and practitioners–to prove a point or to simply experiment. Thumbing one’s nose at the rules of composition, in particular, is a time-honored tradition. Photographer James Allen Stewart has his own spin on compositional rule-breaking and has put together... More

Portrait of a Wet Plate Photographer

Posted by on Thursday May 12, 2016 | Video

Ask photographers why they shoot film and you’ll invariably be told that they love how it forces them to slow down. While film photography may feel slow in the digital era, it’s positively breakneck compared to wet plate photography. Few people are better acquainted with the original “slow photography” than David Rambow. A history buff,... More