Great Weekend Reads in Photography & Filmmaking

Posted by on Friday July 27, 2018 | Media

antas singh | Pexels CC

“A word after a word after a word is power.” 
― Margaret Atwood


Birth of the Fake News PhotoMedium

We’re in an Amazing Period of Documentaries – The Ringer

Soviet Retouching: The Good, Bad & Evil – RFEL

How to Portray Your Subjects with Respect – PDN

Renowned Photographer Goes from Mansion to Shed ABC

Steven Soderbergh on Sex Lies and Videotape – Filmmaker Magazine

Think All Instagram Photos Look the Same? So Does She – PhotoShelter

AI Is Automating Hollywood, Now Art Can Thrive – Futurism

Destination Wedding Photogs Share Their Horror Stories – RF

The Publication Blurring Lines Between Print & Digital – It’s Nice That

Never Before Seen Images from Malik Sidibe’s Archive – Huck

The Worrying Rise of Artistic Censorship on Campus – Artsy

Photographs Do Not Stop Wars – Aperture

Instagram’s Faux Influencers Have Real Followers – NBC

Photography and Mental States – Conscientious Photographer

The Female Gaze Comes to Cinematography – Film Comment

Honoring Radical Latin American Women Behind the Lens – Feature Shoot

7 Reasons Why You Should Watermark Your Photos – Photo Attorney

George Marazakis Photographs the Anthropocene – Ignant

POTD: Party City? More Like an Environmental Murder Party

TECH: Peak Design’s Sharp New Bag | Nikon vs. Sony Is On

WEEKLY DEALS: $400 in Olympus Rebates | MS Surface Savings



Marc Falzon shares insights from photo book publisher Hannes Wanderer on the state of photo book publishing and what photographers need to know about book publishing today.