Alison Langley’s Classic Yacht Video for a Client of Means

Posted by on Monday July 9, 2018 | Business, Fun

A screen grab from "NY40 MARILEE: Restoration of a Herreshoff Classic." ©Alison Langley

Nautical photographer Alison Langley, who is the subject of this month’s “What’s Your Niche?” column in PDN, specializes in photographing classic wooden yachts: under sail, under construction and in repair in boatyards along the Maine coast. “It’s architecture with curves. It’s visually incredible,” Langley says of the boats she photographs.

Among her clients are some very wealthy classic yacht owners who have hired her to document the restoration of their boats. The projects take up to two years to complete. For one such project, she produced a 140-page book, with a print run of 250 copies (all for the client), about the restoration of his 60-foot 1926 Herreshoff racing sailboat. Not long after she started that project, Langley suggested making a film about the boat’s restoration, in addition to the book. “Go for it,” the client said.

The film trailer above is for Langley’s 38-minute film, called “NY40 MARILEE: Restoration of a Herreshoff Classic,” which captures the majestic beauty of the vessel under sail, as well as the thrill of yacht racing. Langley premiered the film last month at an event sponsored by the Classic Yacht Owners Association in Newport, Rhode Island. To read our interview with Langley, see “What’s Your Niche?: Alison Langley, Nautical Photographer.”

What’s Your Niche? Jarob Ortiz, National Park Service Photographer




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