Quick Tip: A Faster Track to a Career as a Photographer

Posted by on Monday May 14, 2018 | Business

Sami Drasin at work in a hotel room during the time she was Renee’s studio manager. ©Christa Renee

School is out. Lots of photography school graduates are probably asking themselves: Now what? How do I get my career as a photographer started? Assisting is one path, but working as a studio manager is a better apprenticeship, according to photographer Christa Renee. “I always tell everyone not to assist. Find a photographer you respect and be their studio manager for a year,” she says. After college, Renee worked as a studio manager for Catherine Ledner, and later worked for a few months in Stephanie Rausser’s studio. “I learned more than I ever learned in school and more than I ever would have learned on set,” she says. “I think that’s why I started shooting so early.”

“It’s a hard job. It’s kind of thankless,” Renee warns. “You’re not on set doing fun things, you’re in a hole on a computer.” But the tradeoff is that studio managers learn how to run a photography business, handle creative calls, estimate jobs, produce shoots, and meet creatives and other people who can help you launch your career later on.

Renee recalls how Sami Drasin, a former studio manager who is now a photographer, was involved in all the behind-the-scenes work essential to running Renee’s advertising photography business. “She got to listen in on and be involved in conference calls, which you don’t get to see as an assistant. That conference call training alone is worth doing a year as a studio manager,” says Renee. “Photographers are kidding themselves if they don’t think they have to be good on the phone. It’s a sales pitch. That’s not something you learn in school or on a set.” See more at “A Fast Way to Learn How to Be An Advertising Photographer.”

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