Christopher Burkett’s Looming Deadline

Posted by on Monday April 16, 2018 | Fine Art

NewsHour | YouTube

Christopher Burkett has spent four decades photographing landscapes with a large format film camera. It’s no easy feat. Burkett has to lug the large camera around, struggle with depth of field and battle motion blur.

But Burkett’s biggest challenge is a looming deadline: the moment he runs out of his 10 year supply of Cibachrome paper.

The NewsHour documents Burkett’s work, his printing process and the bittersweet reality that he will soon be closing the lights in his darkroom for the last time.



Nobuyoshi Araki Accused of Abuse and Exploitation by Long-Time Model KaoRi

Posted by on Wednesday May 9, 2018 | Fine Art

Inspired by the #MeToo movement, Nobuyoshi Araki’s long-time model KaoRi has publicly accused the renowned Japanese photographer of misleading her into working without a contract, distributing pictures of her around the world without her knowledge or consent, and failing to compensate her fairly for her time or for her her role in Araki’s work. KaoRi... More