Personal projects are a great way to challenge yourself. And as personal projects go, photographer Kurt Moser’s is a beaut.

Using Kickstarter funds, Moser has transformed a Russian URAL military truck into a functioning camera and darkroom. The truck has ben outfitted with a rare 1780mm APO-NIKKOR lens in the back that will expose Ambrotype plates that are 5 feet high.

Moser is going to use the camera/truck/darkroom to capture images of the Dolomites, a mountain range in Italy. Moser also plans to photograph the 80 and 90-year-old farmers native to the region many of whom have never been photographed in their entire lives (at least according to Moser).

When the project is completed both the truck and resulting Ambrotypes will be on display in the Berlin Museum and at other installations around the world. You can follow Moser’s journey here.



Photographer of Marlboro Ads Exhibits Photos Richard Prince Copied

Posted by on Friday March 2, 2018 | Copyright/Legal, Fine Art

Richard Prince, Norm Clasen, appropriation, copyright
Norm Clasen, "Sunset Chase, Riverton, WY," 1985

Richard Prince, the controversial and often-sued appropriation artist, first achieved fame in the 1990s with his “Untitled (Cowboy)” series, for which he re-photographed ads for Marlboro cigarettes. While some photographers who worked on the campaign have complained about Prince getting rich on their images, photographer Norm Clasen is taking a new approach. He is now... More