Great Weekend Reads in Photography & Filmmaking

Posted by on Friday March 9, 2018 | Media

Shawn Reza | Pexels CC

“I am eternally grateful for my knack of finding in great books, some of them very funny books, reason enough to feel honored to be alive, no matter what else might be going on.” 
― Kurt Vonnegut


Joel Meyerowitz: Phones Killed the Sexiness of the Street – The Guardian

What’s New In Photography? Humanism – New York Times

The Lonely Life of a Professional YouTuber – Vice

My Quest for Instagram Stardom Left Me Broke – NY Post

The Viral Photos of Abandonment – Musee 

Playing with Ideals of Fashion and Beauty – PDN

The Earliest Days of American Photography – Lens

The Films We’re Excited About at SXSW – No Film School

The Rise of Canvas: From Oil Paint to Photo Prints – My Modern Met

Ryan Coogler Is The New Steven Spielberg – IndieWire

My Return to Film – Emulsive

Loss and Hope in the Unseen Photos of Arlene Gottfried – FS

How Ava Duvernay Became a Creator of Worlds – Wired

How Modern Art Serves the Rich – New Republic

On Working for Free – On Portraits

Black Is Brilliant – Aperture

Put This in Your Wedding Contract – Rangefinder

A Brief History of Aspect Ratios – Scientific American

How Lies Spread Faster Than Truth – Science

Tech: Leica Goes Stealth | How Good Is AI at Photo Editing?

POTD: On the Making of American Patriots

Weekend Deal: Buy the ProAm Camera Stabilizer for $39



Lewis Bond explores camera work and narrative reinforce each other in Darren Aronofsky’s Requiem for a Dream.