One of the increasingly recognized downsides of social media fame is ecological damage, as popular landscape destinations are despoiled by hordes of photographers and casual snapshooters looking for their own piece of Internet fame.

In the video below, the vlogbrothers tells the story of the Broccoli Tree of Huskvarna, Sweden. The tree became famous thanks to the work of photographer Patrik Svedberg who photographed it over a four year period.

Initially, Svedberg posted an image to his own Instagram account, but eventually his recurring series of Broccoli Tree images earned its own Instagram page–and north of 30,000 followers.

What happens next is, perhaps, all too predictable: people began to flock to the tree to take their own photos. Then, someone or some group of someones came along and sawed into the tree, leading to its demise.

As the vlogbrothers’ John Green recounts, it’s not the first time a famous tree has fallen victim to humanity. “To share something is to risk losing it,” he says.

Social media has made the sharing, and the losing, that much easier.

Via: DP Review

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