Great Weekend Reads in Photography & Filmmaking

Posted by on Friday February 2, 2018 | Media

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“I don’t trust people without books or questions.” 
― Darnell Lamont Walker


Sexual Harassment Is Pervasive for Self-Employed Creatives – Honeybook

Eddie Adams Iconic ‘Nam Image: What Happened Next? – BBC

Kodak’s Dubious Crypto Currency Gamble – NY Times

Why Are You Creative? – PDN

There’s Money in Photobooks But! – Carelessly Curated

How I Worked Less, And Earned More – Rangefinder

All Followers Are Fake Followers – The Atlantic

When Will the Film Industry Really Support Women? – BuzzFeed

The Best 100 Films of the Decade (So Far) – AV Club

Oldest Color Photos Ever Were Made with Potato Starch – Independent

A Rich Photographic History on Display – Financial Times

What Homes Will Look Like When Humans Are Gone – Feature Shoot

Single Mom, Pioneering Photographer – Lens

‘Scream’ Artist Was an Experimental Photographer, Too – WaPo

The Journey of an Ultra-Rare Historical Photo – Washingtonian

Why Are There So Many Bra Ads on Instagram? – Racked

Humanity of the AIDS Crisis Captured on Film – Huck

Blockchain Could Kill Cable and Netflix – VentureBeat

Tech: Fuji’s Newest Mirrorless Is Here | New Scanner Debuts for Film Fans

POTD: Artists Weave, Sew and Expand the Photograph


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