Report: Terry Richardson Under NYPD Investigation for Sexual Assault

Posted by on Thursday January 4, 2018 | Celebrity, Copyright/Legal

Police are finally investigating the mounting accusations of sexual assault against Terry Richardson, while clients quietly continue to hire him.

Photographer Terry Richardson is under investigation by the New York City police department, following accusations of sexual assault by two former models, according to the New York Daily News. Through his attorneys, Richardson has denied the allegations.

Caron Bernstein, a former Ford model, told the Daily News last month that Richardson sexually assaulted her at his studio in 2003.

And former model Lindsay Jones recounted how Richardson sexually assaulted her in a similar way in 2007 or 2008. She first told her story to on December 13.

Both models have told the Daily News that in recent days they’ve been contacted by detectives with the NYPD’s Special Victims Squad. NYPD Detectives have also contacted Model Alliance, an advocacy group that is cooperating with the investigation, according to the newspaper.

Richardson’s attorney Lisa M. Buckley denied Jones’s allegations last month, calling her an “opportunistic publicity seeker” in a letter to Huffington Post. Another attorney, Brad D. Rose, denied Bernstein’s allegations on Richardson’s behalf, telling the Daily News that Bernstein posed willingly and that any contact she had with the photographer “was consensual.”

Over the last several years, Richardson has been accused repeatedly of sexual assault and harassment—often by exposing himself and forcing alleged victims to perform oral sex on him. But he has never been criminally charged, and many clients have continued to work with him.

One exception is Condé Nast, which blacklisted him last fall, one day after The Sunday Times of London published a story calling him “the Harvey Weinstein of fashion” and questioning why he is “still feted by fashionistas,” despite the accumulating allegations against him.

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