Great Weekend Reads in Photography & Filmmaking

Posted by on Friday January 19, 2018 | Media

Min An | Pexels CC

 “If you would tell me the heart of a man, tell me not what he reads, but what he rereads.” 

Andreas Gursky on the Photo That Changed Everything – Guardian

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Sundance 2018 Is All About the Perils of Technology – CNET

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A New Form of Storytelling Is Emerging – Filmmaker Magazine

The Photographers Who Give Back – Rangefinder

The First Great War Photographer – Lens 

YouTube Just Put the Screws to Up-and-Coming Creators – Wired

How to Be Ethical As a Media Maker – Documentary

Utopia Is in the Moment – Emulsive

The Best Places to Live and Work As a Moviemaker This Year – MM

20 Of the Most Innovative Filmmakers Working Today – Paste 

A Classic Side Eye – Reading the Pictures

Joel Meyerowitz’s Career Is a Mini-History of Photography – NYT

Tech: Here’s a 400-Megapixel Camera | 17 Cool New Tripods & Stabilizers

POTD:  The Humans Behind Superhuman Feats



The New York-based street photographer explains his esthetic and discusses two of his favorite photographs.