Great Weekend Reads in Photography & Filmmaking

Posted by on Friday January 12, 2018 | Media

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“If you read, you shall renew your mind.” 
― Lailah Gifty Akita


Seeing Your Photo Turned Into a Racist Hoax – Poynter

The Struggling Artist, at 86 – New York Times

Kodak Didn’t Get into Blockchain, “Kodak” Did – DP Review

Don’t Let Documentaries DieJohn Pilger

Is There a Killer App for Virtual Reality? – Weekly Riff

Capturing Portraits of 500 Women Around the World – RF

A Small Step for Copyright & A Huge Win for Creators – Hill

Is This the World’s Greatest Living Artist? – Daily Review

10 Photo Books You Can’t Read in Texas Prisons – LS

From Photo Essay to Photo Book – Witness

This Is the Future of the Point-and-Shoot – Wired

10 Young Photographers to Follow in 2018 – W

Photographer Defies Media Stereotype of Chicago – CJR

Photography Never Died – Burn My Eye

How the Cosmos Inspired This Photographer’s Vision – HyperAllergic

China’s News Agency Reinvents Itself… with AI – Nieman Lab

Why Photographers Should Stay Away from Blockchain – PDN

How to Fix Facebook, Before It Fixes Us – Washington Monthly 

Tech: Photo Gear of the Year | The Gear We’re Excited About

POTD: Invisible Breasts | Gordon Parks Is Looking at You


The 89 year-old cult film-maker and Vogue photographer William Klein talks about on his raw city portraits and the shots of a lifetime.