Agency Stockland Martel Closes. Challenging Market Not a Factor, Founders Say

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Stockland Martel, the photography agency founded 30 years ago by Bill Stockland and Maureen Martel, closed on December 31, 2017. In a statement published on the Stockland Martel website, the founders said they were retiring from the photography business, and said they “are looking forward to enjoying life at a slower pace, exploring new interests, and spending more time with family and friends.”

Their statement acknowledged the challenging market for advertising and editorial photography, but if downward pressure on the value of photography factored in their decision to call it quits, Stockland and Martel didn’t say so. “Together, we built a business that we will forever be proud of, one that endured and thrived despite the many ways in which commercial photography has evolved since we began in 1983,” they said.

The agency’s employees, photographers and some of their clients were informed of the impending closure in November.

Stockland Martel represented some of the biggest names in photography, including Lauren Greenfield, Nadav Kander, Matthew Rolston and Art Streiber among many others. The agency did not provide details about who would represent their artists.

Stockland Martel is the latest major agency to close its doors. Vaughan Hannigan and Getty Reportage closed their doors in 2016, and Jed Root also closed in 2017. In announcing Vaughan Hannigan’s closing, the agency’s cofounder Bill Hannigan said that “large shifts happening in the creative industry” made the agency’s “boutique model of working with a limited number of unique artists…challenging to sustain.”





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