PDN Video: Damon Pablo Escudero Talks about Street Photography

Posted by on Thursday December 28, 2017 | Photojournalism

©Damon Pablo Escudero

While earning a living as a commercial director, Damon Pablo Escudero has been pursuing his passion for street photography for more than 20 years. He said in a recent interview with PDN that he was inspired, like so many other photographers, by Robert Frank’s The Americans. Among the images in that book, “There aren’t that many juxtapositions, or interactions with backgrounds. There are some but it’s a lot of just: this is what life is,” Escudero says. Influenced by Frank’s imagery, Escudero looks for simple but expressive compositions. “One thing that’s not my favorite is that over-juxtaposed style where a little girl is eating a scoop of ice cream and an old man walks by with white hair, or a kite flying and an airplane goes by, or lines in the street. Mine is more documentary street photography. It’s more of a feeling than a clever moment.”

In this video, Escudero explains the feeling he’s after when he’s shooting on the streets—mostly in New York City— with his Leica M6. He also describes two of his favorite images. For our full interview with Escudero, see “What’s Your Niche: Street Photographer Damon Pablo Escudero.”

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