How to Keep Client Contacts Up-to-Date and Organized

Posted by on Thursday December 28, 2017 | Business

To keep track of photo editors and creatives as they move to new jobs, Emiliano Granado relies on social media to see if they post news. “I’ll take a screen shot of that to remind myself or ask [an assistant] to update their mailing address,” he says. Photographers Ricky Rhodes says he uses Instagram to keep track of art buyers and photo editors he knows. “People tend to move around a lot in this industry and I find this the easiest way to keep up with everyone that I’ve met.”

Rhodes also creates “simple Word documents full of notes” from in-person meetings. “After a few years of meetings across the country, it gets hard to keep track of everyone you’ve met, what clients they are working with, and what you talked about when you met,” he explains. He categorizes his notes by city, so he can reference them when he travels back to a place. “The notes that I keep really help me remember minute details that I may otherwise forget.” See more in our story “How to Build and Organize Your Marketing Database.”

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Quick Tip: How to Ask Donors to Support Your Photo Project

Posted by on Friday February 9, 2018 | Business

Few photographers are comfortable asking for donations to support their projects. Fundraising expert Dianne Debicella, program director at Community Partners in LA (and formerly senior program director at Fractured Atlas), reminds artists that they’re not begging. She explains why confidence is so important when asking potential donors for money: “You have to frame [the pitch]... More