Great Weekend Reads in Photography & Filmmaking

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“Literature provides a person with a conceptual framework for recognizing human beings recurrent challenges in life. Reading good literature deepens a person’s understanding of the variable ways that somebody might respond to circumstances in their world, thereby adding to their own potential intellectual and spiritual depth and expands their understanding of the nuances of their own personal behavior.” 
― Kilroy J. Oldster


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An Interesting Dance with Virality – Rangefinder

Photography Is Proving to Be a Good Investment – Robb Robert

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Capturing a Culture at Its Root – LA Weekly

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6 Filmmaking Tips from James Franco – Film School Rejects

Debunking the Left Brain/Right Brain Fallacy – Creative Review

How I Shot New York From Above – Australian Photographer

My Best Photograph – The Guardian

The Key to Getting Distribution – Movie Maker

Fairy Tales Photos of Everyday Life – Lens

The Future of Augmented Reality Filmmaking – VR Focus

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