Frances F. Denny’s Top Five Rules for Launching Your Career

Posted by on Thursday December 7, 2017 | Business

Brooklyn-based photographer Frances F. Denny launched her multi-track career in fine-art, editorial and commercial work in 2015. Her clients include Chipotle Mexican Grill, online fashion retailer MM.LaFleur, The New Yorker, Cherry Bombe, Elle, Architectural Digest, and others. Last year she formed Dafne, a creative partnership with art director Catherine Duffy that produces campaigns for and brand launches for commercial clients. Here’s her advice for aspiring photographers:

1. Take any job that comes along, within reason. Just say yes to the job, and figure out how to shoot it later.

2. Go to as many shoots as possible, and observe. You’ll learn a lot.

3. Be good at pleasing clients. Write short, polite emails. Have clever ideas, and get ahead of problems, by anticipating them and coming up with solutions.

4. Outsource the things you need help with. You can’t do everything.

5. Never work for free. People will often ask you to work for free. I turn them down politely. [Doing that] is beneficial to you, and the rest of us who trying to make a living as photographers.

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