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PDN Video: Damon Pablo Escudero Talks about Street Photography

Posted by on Thursday December 28, 2017 | Photojournalism

©Damon Pablo Escudero

While earning a living as a commercial director, Damon Pablo Escudero has been pursuing his passion for street photography for more than 20 years. He said in a recent interview with PDN that he was inspired, like so many other photographers, by Robert Frank’s The Americans. Among the images in that book, “There aren’t that... More

Yunghi Kim Announces Winners of Her $1,000 Yunghi Grants

Posted by on Thursday December 28, 2017 | Awards/Contests/Grants

© Lauren Justice

Ten photojournalists have won $1,000 grants from photographer Yunghi Kim, the founder and sponsor of the Yunghi Grant competition. The winners include: Amber Bracken, for her work about Canada’s indigenous people. Andreea Campeanu, for her project about the sex trade in Romania. Mikala Compton, for a project about a pagan community in Missouri. Marko Drobnjakovic,... More

How to Keep Client Contacts Up-to-Date and Organized

Posted by on Thursday December 28, 2017 | Business

To keep track of photo editors and creatives as they move to new jobs, Emiliano Granado relies on social media to see if they post news. “I’ll take a screen shot of that to remind myself or ask [an assistant] to update their mailing address,” he says. Photographers Ricky Rhodes says he uses Instagram to... More

How to Improve Creative Collaborations with Clients

Posted by on Tuesday December 26, 2017 | Business

Influential food stylist Victoria Granof says the basic the ingredient of a good creative collaborations is good communication. She says she’s lately been working with a “brand therapist,” who outlines three steps to productive collaboration: acknowledging the original idea, affirming its worth and then enhancing and expanding on it. The first step, Granof explains, means... More

How to Pass a Creative Call Audition

Posted by on Thursday December 21, 2017 | Business

Creative calls are part of the bidding process for advertising work. They give creatives a chance to assess their chemistry with a photographer, and they give photographers a chance to show their ideas—and their enthusiasm—for a particular job. When we asked Jason Lau, art and content producer at creative agency 180LA what advice he had... More

Alex Potter Wins First $10K James W. Foley Fellowship

Posted by on Tuesday December 19, 2017 | Photojournalism

Photographer Alex Potter (right) has won the inaugural James W. Foley Fellowship for young journalists, fellowship administrator The GroundTruth Project announced last week. Potter will use the $10,000 fellowship to pursue a project about the effects of conflict on children in the Middle East. “I am delighted that she will be continuing Jim’s legacy of... More

How to Get Better Work from Your Retoucher

Posted by on Tuesday December 19, 2017 | Business

“Often times, the dialogue that happens between a retoucher and photographer before the shoot can result in a strategy or new idea that can significantly improve the final product,” says retoucher Zach Vitale. He often advises photographers on how to shoot elements for a composite and what variations and exposures he’ll need for post-production to... More