From Sara Terry, photographer, grant-writer, and Aftermath Project founder:

“I think one of the best tips ever given to me as a writer was: If you have just been to an event, or if something just happened, and you picked up the phone and called your grandmother, what’s the first thing you would tell her about what you just saw? You’re not writing for Congressmen or bankers. You want to be able to communicate in a clear and dynamic way to someone you care about. That’s an amazing writing tip, in terms of keeping [applications] conversational, intelligible, dynamic and human.

“You don’t want to quote a Doctors Without Borders report for the first couple of paragraphs. You might cite reports and statistics. But a really well-written, successful grant application—at least for the types of grants we’re talking about—just has a compelling conversational quality to it. Not an academic quality.”

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Eight Photographers Win Reuters Photojournalism Grants of $5K

Posted by on Wednesday May 16, 2018 | Awards/Contests/Grants, Photojournalism

Eight photographers have won the first Reuters photojournalism grants of $5,000, the news service announced today. Reuters created the grant program to support “a diverse new generation of photojournalists” who can tell stories from new and different perspectives. Reuters launched the initiative last year at Visa pour l‘image international festival of photojournalism in Perpignan, France.... More

Moyra Davey Wins 2018 Scotiabank Award and $50,000 Prize

Posted by on Monday May 14, 2018 | Awards/Contests/Grants

Moyra Davey, a conceptual photographer and filmmaker whose work is informed by a roving literary and anthropological curiosity, has won the 2018 Scotiabank Photography Award, the bank announced last week. “Moyra’s art is absolutely outstanding. Her lens shifts our eyes to unseen, ordinary, and often overlooked moments,” said photographer Edward Burtynsky, who chaired the jury,... More

Fund Your Work: Upcoming Deadlines for Documentary, Fine-Art Grants and Prizes

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Deadlines for grant applications and submissions for several photo prizes are due in the weeks ahead. These grants and prizes support ongoing and new personal projects, photojournalism and news photography, and include photo grants specifically designed to support the work of photographers who identify as female. Getty Images Women Photograph Grant Sponsored by Getty Images... More