Thursday Tip: On Creative Calls, Be Confident, Not Cocky

Posted by on Thursday November 16, 2017 | Business

The creative call is the initial conference call with an ad agency’s creative director. It is the photographer’s best chance to hear what the client wants, and to gather the information needed to write an estimate for the assignment. It is also the time for a photographer to start offering ideas for how to shoot the assignment.

New York advertising photographer Kareem Black says that early in his commercial career, “I used to say, ‘Oh, this is easy.’” Then his rep, Howard Bernstein, gave him some useful feedback. Black explains, “What I was trying to say was, ‘This will go without a hitch,’ but my rep pointed out that [the concept] is something that the people on the call worked on for weeks or months. Saying it’s ‘easy’ makes their work sound simple. Another way to say it would be, ‘We can make this happen.’”

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