Great Weekend Reads in Photography & Filmmaking

Posted by on Friday November 17, 2017 | Media

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“Reading is dreaming with eyes wide open.” 
― Unknown


The History of Photography Is the History of Shattered Glass – NYT

Fake News and Photojournalism – Vantage

On Climbing and the Photographic Medium – The Project Magazine

The Evolution of War Photography – Al Jazeera 

How to Do a Celebrity Documentary Right – Film Comment

What You Can and Can’t Do When Your Photo Goes Viral – RF

We’re in the Wild West of Film Distribution – No Film School

Annie Leibovitz’s Capitalist Realism – CP

Stop Calling 360 Cameras “Virtual Reality.” They’re Not – Venture Beat

Pairing Feelings with Facts, Photographing a Church Shooting – WaPo

What to Do When Someone Steals Your Photography – PDN

History of the Magazine That Changed Culture – Creative Review

A Short History of Flash Photography – Telegraph

Street Photography and the “Image” – Street Photography 

The Feeling for Light – British Journal of Photography 

My Passport Is ‘Unlucky’ – Witness

The Photos That Celebrate Natural Black Hair – My Modern Met

Is This Really a Photo of a Legendary Bluesman? – Lens

National Geographic Has Put a VR Camera in Space – Space

Tech: Kodak: Ektachrome’s a Go! | Sony a9 Lab Test

POTD: Brooklyn’s Sweet Ruin | NY and LA Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before



Publisher Michael Mack discusses what it takes to create a great photo book.