Great Weekend Reads in Photography and Filmmaking

Posted by on Friday November 10, 2017 | Media

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“I think reading is part of the birthright of the humane being” 
– LeVar Burton


Surprising Ways AI Is Impacting PhotographyResource Mag

Pictures Without Meaning – Drool

The Medium Is the Mirror – Creative Review

Pete Souza on Taking 1.9 Million Photos of Obama – NPR

On Stephen Shore & Looking for America – NYT

I Made a Film From My Bed to Prove My Illness Was Real – BBC

Book Publishing: The Costs and Benefits of Creative Control – PDN

Cult Photographer on the Clothes of Creatives – Huck

Meet the 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography – Rangefinder

YouTube Is Seriously Messed Up – Medium

Soderberg on Weinstein, Filmmaking & More – Vulture

My Best Photograph – The Guardian

It’s Time to Take Drones Seriously – BJP

Five Doc Makers on Avoiding Extractive Filmmaking – Documentary

How the New York Times Photo Critic Sees – Hub

Working in Photography with Anxiety – FStoppers 

India, In Full Color – Aperture 

Tech: Meet Panasonic’s New Flagship | Hands on with Profoto’s B1X

POTD: The Wonders of Our Solar System | Multi-Frame Storytelling



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