Women Photograph, the online database of women photographers around the world created by photographer Daniella Zalcman, is posting weekly Twitter threads to keep the gender disparity in photojournalism top of mind.

The “Week in Pictures Gender Breakdown,” as the threads are titled, tally how many of the images used in the “week in pictures” features of major media outlets are made by women. The decidedly sarcastic and scolding tone reads a bit like tragicomedy.

This past week, three of the six major media outlets reviewed by Women Photograph didn’t publish a single image by a woman in their “week in pictures” slideshows. The Atlantic was the most balanced, with a meager eight of 35 images in their slideshow made by women.

Though this survey is limited to news photography, the posts offer a useful reminder of the photo industry’s entrenched gender imbalance. Of the 136 images published by six media outlets in their recent “week in pictures” slideshows, just 11 were by women, or roughly 8 percent.

Women Photograph also just published a quarterly analysis of the A1 featured image bylines. It looks at how many of the lead photos published in the first three quarters of 2017 by eight newspapers around the world were shot by women. It’s worth reading and sharing.

Zalcman tweeted about the results, “Continuing to accept a status quo where men are considered our primary storytellers means we accept that women’s voices do not matter.”



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