Great Weekend Reads in Photography & Filmmaking

Posted by on Friday October 20, 2017 | Media

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“Most non-readers are nothing but an agglomeration of third-hand opinion and blindly received wisdom. ” 
― Tom Bissell


Thanks Social Media, You’ve Ruined Landscape Photography – Field

Meet the Brains Behind Your Camera Gear – PDN

Print Isn’t Dead, It’s in a Golden Age – Digital Trends

Donald Weber, Histories – Drool

Evading North Korean Photo Rules – BJP

Want More Women in Journalism? Purge the Predators – Witness

Cinematic History Through Magnum’s Lens – Film Stage

Four Decades of Bruce Springsteen in Pictures – Lens

Restoring Faith in the Music Video – The Guardian

Use Color Theory to Elevate Your Photography – Rangefinder

The Island of the Colorblind – Conscientious Photography

To Build a Team, Skip Icebreakers, Talk Photography – HBR

Five Reasons Your Film Isn’t Being Funded – No Film School

There’s No Truth in Photography, Only Honesty – Huck

The Early Photography of Guy Bourdain – Creative Review

A Rant About Airport Photography – Carelessly Curated

POTD: The Divine Yoga, in Photos | Picturing the Hobbyist

Tech: Meet the New Lightroom(s) | Zeiss Intros New Full Frame Lens

Lightroom Debate: Adobe Doesn’t Care About YouEmbrace the Future



Filmmaker Sean Baker, who shot an full-length feature film on an iPhone (which we profiled here), speaks about his latest film and why it wasn’t shot on an iPhone.



Photog Terry Richardson Banned by Conde Nast, According to Leaked Email

Posted by on Tuesday October 24, 2017 | Copyright/Legal, Media

Conde Nast magazines have blacklisted photographer Terry Richardson because of numerous allegations he sexually assaulted and harassed models and stylists, according to a report in The Telegraph. The newspaper reports that an email circulated to Conde Nast magazines says the publishing company “would like to no longer work with the photographer.” In addition, any shoots... More