Great Weekend Reads in Photography & Filmmaking

Posted by on Friday October 20, 2017 | Media

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“Most non-readers are nothing but an agglomeration of third-hand opinion and blindly received wisdom. ” 
― Tom Bissell


Thanks Social Media, You’ve Ruined Landscape Photography – Field

Meet the Brains Behind Your Camera Gear – PDN

Print Isn’t Dead, It’s in a Golden Age – Digital Trends

Donald Weber, Histories – Drool

Evading North Korean Photo Rules – BJP

Want More Women in Journalism? Purge the Predators – Witness

Cinematic History Through Magnum’s Lens – Film Stage

Four Decades of Bruce Springsteen in Pictures – Lens

Restoring Faith in the Music Video – The Guardian

Use Color Theory to Elevate Your Photography – Rangefinder

The Island of the Colorblind – Conscientious Photography

To Build a Team, Skip Icebreakers, Talk Photography – HBR

Five Reasons Your Film Isn’t Being Funded – No Film School

There’s No Truth in Photography, Only Honesty – Huck

The Early Photography of Guy Bourdain – Creative Review

A Rant About Airport Photography – Carelessly Curated

POTD: The Divine Yoga, in Photos | Picturing the Hobbyist

Tech: Meet the New Lightroom(s) | Zeiss Intros New Full Frame Lens

Lightroom Debate: Adobe Doesn’t Care About YouEmbrace the Future



Filmmaker Sean Baker, who shot an full-length feature film on an iPhone (which we profiled here), speaks about his latest film and why it wasn’t shot on an iPhone.