PDN Video: How to Build a Portfolio in Six Weeks

Posted by on Tuesday September 5, 2017 | Business

©Oriana Koren

Food photographer Oriana Koren explains how she gave herself just six weeks after she moved to Los Angeles to assemble a complete portfolio, from planning test shoots and productions to keeping herself on schedule to meet a self-promotion deadline. “I did whatever I could to make [the process] as close to what it feels like to be on assignment for a client,” she says. And her effort quickly paid off. Koren immediately landed local assignments in LA, and was soon shooting jobs for Samsung and Airbnb. She is now shooting for clients including The New York Times and California Sunday Magazine.

Koren also explains in this separate audio file how she learned the essentials of food styling, an important step for completing the self-assigned shoots she eventually did to create her portfolio.


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