How Not to Shoot Paris Like a Tourist

Posted by on Wednesday September 13, 2017 | Social Media/Web

Paris photographer Alistair Wheeler seeks elevation.

Street photographer Alistair Wheeler has been living and shooting photos in Paris for five years. When he got bored shooting the typical vistas that tourists get, he decided to go low and go high to get a new perspective on the city. He headed down into the Metro and into abandoned buildings, and also began clambering up to the peak of mansard roofs around the city to show that the city is more than its pretty architecture. In the latest installment of “Through the Lens,” a web documentary series on Adorama TV, an intrepid videographer follows Wheeler as he clambers up tiled roofs and around the chimney pots. He says he often meets people who live under roofs that they’ve never explored, and he finds that incredible. Acrophobes be warned.

In the web documentary, Wheeler discusses his camera choice, why he likes a 35mm lens, how he uses Instagram as a creative outlet, his commercial work and how typical Parisians react when they see him snapping their photo.

This season’s “Through the Lens” series focuses on photographers throughout Europe who have built large and loyal followings on Instagram. Adorama posts new episodes every Tuesday afternoon. You can view a trailer of the series here to get a preview of each photographer’s work and some cool footage of gondolas, castles, fashion models, alpine meadows, cobblestone streets, fashion shoots and more rooftops.

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Posted by on Wednesday September 13, 2017 | Photojournalism, Social Media/Web

The home page of Diversify.Photo.

After five months of planning, Diversify Photo today launched a database of 340 photographers of color from around the U.S. Brent Lewis, senior photo editor at ESPN’s The Undefeated, told PDN in May that he and independent photo editor Andrea Wise had begun compiling the database to show photo editors, art buyers and other creatives... More

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5 Organizations Align to Diversify Photojournalism, Launch Survey

Posted by on Wednesday August 23, 2017 | Photojournalism, Social Media/Web

© Ayesha Vellani/Majority World

Five organizations committed to making the photojournalism community more inclusive are joining forces. Reclaim, the umbrella organization, is comprised of Women Photograph, The Everyday Projects, the new photo agency Native, Majority World and the yet-to-be-launched publication Minority Report. They announced yesterday that they are “working together to diversify our community of visual storytellers, making sure... More