Great Weekend Reads in Photography & Filmmaking

Posted by on Friday September 22, 2017 | Media

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“Reading is not optional.” 
― Walter Dean Myers


The Creative Chemistry of an 1840s Photo DuoHyperallergic

Memo to Camera Makers: Do This Or Die – Monday Note

The Shoot That Cost Me 4 Teeth – Blair Bunting

The Photojournalist with a (Really Huge) Ear for Stories – Poynter

How the World’s Countries Really See Each Other – Huck Magazine

Have Fun, Take Your Time, Play – British Journal of Photography

Hack Your Brain to Get into a Creative Flow State – NYT

How We Made a Full Scale Feature for $100K – No Film School

Transgressive Photography – Conscientious Photography

12 Great Photojournalists on Getting Established – Witness

Why Filmmakers Are Embracing Quiet – LA Times

How Photography Became the Hottest Investment Choice – TG

Want to Invest in Photography? Invest in a Photographer – DR

How Females Got Their Start in the Photo Biz – PDN

The Fate of Thoreau’s Pond – Aperture

A Peek Inside the Documentary Factory – Film School Rejects

Clever Light Tips to Make Portraits Pop – Rangefinder

Facebook’s War on Free Will – The Guardian

New Gear: Tamron Preps Light Zoom | Step into VR with This Camera

POTD: Cats As Art | Iconic Hip Hop Contact Sheets



Most of us likely think of drones as tools for making photos and videos. Cool, yes, but a tool nonetheless.  For Jason Silva, they’re an extension of our mental scaffolding. Watch, and you’ll never look at your drone the same way again.