Great Weekend Reads in Photography & Filmmaking

Posted by on Friday July 7, 2017 | Media

Vitor Pina | Flickr CC

“This is every reader’s catch-22: the more you read, the more you realize you haven’t read; the more you yearn to read more, the more you understand that you have, in fact, read nothing. There is no way to finish, and perhaps that shouldn’t be the goal.” ― Pamela Paul


How Martin Scorsese Will Save Filmmaking – IndieWire

A Photographer’s Journey into the Dying Islamic State – WP

Discovering a Genocide Through Filmmaking – Movie Maker

Photographing Everyday Life in Saudi Arabia – PDN

Is Newsprint the Future of Photography? – BJP

The Photo That Helped Elect Lincoln – Smithsonian

What Men Say to Me When I Travel – Outside

Learning from Addis Ababa – Aperture

Drugs, Poop and Harpoon Attacks: A Photog’s Crazy Life – Feature Shoot

The Genius of Gordon Parks – Conscientious Photographer 

How to Reason with Unreasonable Vendors – Rangefinder 

How Hip-Hop Saved the Biopic – The Guardian

On Beauty – Creative Review

Lights, Robots, Action! – Digital Trends

Why Non-Profits Should Stop Supporting FilmsIW

New Tech: Red Is Making a Smartphone | Zeiss & Nokia Are Too

POTD: A Modern Pictorialist’s View of America | Welcome to the Jungle



Photographer Jesse James Allen’s video tribute to his mentor, Charles Howse, and what it means to develop into a photographer.