These Are the Films Photographers Love

Posted by on Wednesday July 19, 2017 | Fun

Several months ago, Vincent Moschetti developed (if you will) the “film dating app” to discover the films photographers love the most. Drawing on a base of 38,582 replies, Moschetti is now able to make some conclusions about the films we swoon for.

We’ll let Moschetti make the reveal himself in the video below, but he did tease out some interesting facts about the preferences of film users:

  • Most photographers seem to gravitate toward ISO 400 and lower
  • Fujifilm is fading in popularity, while Kodak is quite popular
  • The top 10 films he lists represent 82 percent of the total results with 38 film stocks sharing the remaining 18 percent (the film dating app lists 48 film stocks in total).

So which films hit the top 10? See for yourself!