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The Latest Tech Shaping the Photo Industry

From foldable drones to artificial intelligence software, these are the photo innovations we’re excited about—and we’re glad to see you are too.

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How I Got That Shot: Creating Versatile Light for an Indoor Fitness Shoot with Gigi Hadid

Monica May photographed model Gigi Hadid for Reebok. May explains how her lighting setup allowed her to shoot multiple images quickly, despite an uncooperative sun. PDN’s full article includes extra images and a detailed explanation of the setup.

Sayonara Sandbags: StandDaddy Lets You Use Gym Weights Instead

We weren’t expecting this article to show up at the top of our most-read list, but loyal sandbag users had a lot to say on Facebook about trading in their tried-and-true weight mechanisms for gym weights.


These Are the Three Most Stolen Images as Reported to Copytrack

Photographers don’t need to be reminded how pervasive online image theft is, but a new study from CopyTrack shines a light on the types of images being copied and reused by photo thieves. We show the three most frequently stolen images and reveal just how much CopyTrack was able to recover from infringers.

How Photography is Changing in the Age of Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence is shaping the photo industry in seen and unforeseen ways. Our technology editor asks: Is it for better or worse? While the news may not be new to many photographers, PDN readers weighed in, expressing a mix of both optimism and concern.



Alison Langley’s Classic Yacht Video for a Client of Means

Posted by on Monday July 9, 2018 | Business, Fun

Nautical photographer Alison Langley, who is the subject of this month’s “What’s Your Niche?” column in PDN, specializes in photographing classic wooden yachts: under sail, under construction and in repair in boatyards along the Maine coast. “It’s architecture with curves. It’s visually incredible,” Langley says of the boats she photographs. Among her clients are some... More

Litter of Sled Dog Puppies Named after Photographers May Be the Cutest Thing on the Internet

Posted by on Friday June 29, 2018 | Fun

In a move that promises to redeem Twitter as a communication platform (at least briefly), dogsledder and author Blair Braverman revealed today in a thread that she’s named her new litter of husky puppies after photographers. Weegee, Katie O [Orlinsky], [Manuel Álvarez] Bravo, [Jamel] Shabazz, [Diane] Arbus and [Lori] Grinker, will soon be competing in... More