Zwelethu Mthethwa, the South African photographer convicted of murdering a sex worker in April 2013, was sentenced today to 18 years in jail. Judge Patricia Goliath said the “callousness, cruelty and brutality” of the crime warranted more than the 15-year minimum sentence, according to reports in South African media.

Mthethwa, a graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology who has been exhibited in galleries and museums internationally, was found guilty in March of killing Nokuphila Kumalo, 23, by kicking and stomping her repeatedly on a street in a Cape Town suburb. Video footage of the attack, captured on CCTV, provided damning evidence against Mthethwa.

Advocates for sex workers, who had picketed outside the courthouse throughout the trial, cheered the sentence handed down today.

Jack Shainman Gallery, which has represented Mthethwa since 2006, has recently moved his name off their artists’ roster, but continue to sell some of his prints.

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