Great Weekend Reads in Photography & Filmmaking

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“Nothing is real for me until I’ve read about it.”
Robert Gottlieb


Eugene Richards Reflects on His Job – PDN

What Civil Rights Photography Tells Us About Today – ACLU

Animation, Empathy and Steven Universe – The Verge

Beyond Compassion – Reading the Pictures

This Is Not My Book – Conscientious Photographer

The Force Is Strong with This Emerging Photographer – BJP

Irving Penn, Reinterpreted By Irving Penn – Lens

Is It Time You Made an LLC? – Rangefinder

A Visual Artist Who Brings It All Together – Photographic  Journal

The Analog Tech Drenching Films in Natural Light – No Film School

To Record, Interpret, CommentArt Journal

Why Film Photography Is Better Than Digital – Eric Kim

Fascists Here, Fascists There…Carelessly Curated

The Camera Industry’s Collapse – Digital Rev

Shoot Wide Open? Maybe Rethink That – FStoppers

ICYMI: The Future Image Sensor Is Curved  | Picturing Georgia O’Keefe

New Tech: Nikon’s New Wide-Angle Lenses | Canon’s New C200 Cinema Cam



How colorizers bring color into old photos. 



Long Reads for Traveling Photographers

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If you happen to be traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday, fighting your way through a stiff current of people like a spawning salmon returning instinctively to your home waters, you may find yourself sitting for long periods of time, wondering: “How did I get here? What should I read?” For help with that second question,... More