Great Weekend Reads in Photography & Filmmaking

Posted by on Friday May 19, 2017 | Media

Bill Dickinson | Flickr CC

“How can I survive without a book to read?”
David Hill


Has Art Ended?  – Aeon

Dear Instagram, We Hate Your Algorithm, Love Everyone – HuffPo

Why We Need More Visual Journalists of Color – Nieman Reports

Are the Iconic Photographers Still Relevant? – Witness

How to Make It as a Photojournalist – The Ground Truth

I Like Pictures, What Should I Do? – Carelessly Curated

Stanley Greene, a Poet Who Raged at Injustice – PDN

Dear Young Photographer: Be a Doer – Huck

The Life of a Storytelling Documentary Filmmaker – CreativesGo

Combat Photographer’s Last Image a Huge Media Failure – Vantage

Do You Need Professional Help? – MovieMaker

What Is the Web Doing to Photography? – Correspondence

These Artists Add a New Dimension to Photography – Time

When Will VR Have its Jurassic Park Moment? – No Film School

Ready to Outsource Your Retouching? Do It! – Rangefinder

What I Learned Switching from a Mirrorless to a Rangefinder – FY

ICYMI: iPhone 7 vs. Arri Alexa | Chris Buck’s Unconventional Celebrity Portraits

New Tech: Sony’s New Wide-Angle Lenses | Special Edition Polaroid 600



 What made Breaking Bad such compelling viewing? Frame breaks it down.