Great Weekend Reads in Photography & Filmmaking

Posted by on Friday February 17, 2017 | Media

Victor Bezrukov | Flickr CC

The kind of pleasure you can get from reading is like no other in the world.”  ― Wendy Lesser


The Uncertain Future of Photojournalism – Lens

Devotees of Forgotten Photo Arts – Dallas Observer

The Startup That Thinks 10 Lenses Are Better Than One – QZ

The Experts on How to Pitch Your Film – PDN

Are You a Photographer or a Camera Operator? – A.B. Watson

How to Dig Out of Your Creative Rut – Rangefinder

The Oscar Pick Caught Up in Vote Brigade Scandal – NewsHour

Thoughts From a Young Photog on the Up and Up – Vantage

Look Outward, Artist – Vulture

Bringing a Fresh Perspective to Documentary – IndieWire

Zoom vs. Prime, What the Science Says – Lens Rentals

Why Street Photography Matters in 2017 – PetaPixel

Finding the Storyline in a Documentary – Filmmaker

ICYMI: The Photo Origins of the Lightsaber | Irving Penn in 13 Min



You may have heard about the Leica Oskar Barnack Awards, but do you know about the man himself? This video explores his life and contributions to photography.