You’ve Never See a Drone Flight Like This Before

Posted by on Wednesday January 25, 2017 | Video

Unlike piloting an actual plane, drone pilots don’t really have to have a firm grasp of  aeronautics to fly their craft. But that doesn’t mean that drones aren’t fascinating aeronautical objects.

This WIRED video shows us a side of drone operation that you’re unlikely to have ever seen before (unless you have some creepy superpowers we don’t know about). It’s a visualization of how a drone displaces air during flight. It’s short, informative and trippy–the way good science videos should be.




Tuesday Tip: How to Make Video That Doesn’t Suck

Posted by on Tuesday December 5, 2017 | Video

Good video is built on strong narrative, not just interesting visuals, says director, editor and video instructor Bob Sacha. “People say, ‘How do you shoot great video?’ That’s easy. The question is: How do you tell a great video story?” His first advice to those learning to shoot video is to forget about shooting B-roll.... More

Composition Tips from Some Great Photographers

Posted by on Monday December 4, 2017 | Video

It’s sometimes said that the worst vice is advice, but whoever said that hasn’t spent much time on YouTube, where great advice (and cats) can be had in abundance. Exhibit A, is Marc Silber’s latest video rounding up photographic composition advice from some of the best photographers in the business. No matter your current skill... More