When people shop for photo products on Amazon, they’re almost exclusively shopping for analog products. Last year, Amazon announced that the top-seller in its camera department during the holiday selling season was… Instax Film.

This year, instant film products have an even stronger lock on Amazon’s top-sellers.

Fuji Instax products are currently four of the five top sellers with a Polaroid/Zink refill pack coming in at number five. It’s only until you reach the eighth best-seller do you get a digital imaging product, the GoPro Hero 5. In all, seven of the top 10 products in the camera department are instant film products (eight, if you count Polaroid/Zink).

Instant photography’s appeal in the face of smartphones and digital cameras was something we explored in June. We’ll have a in-depth roundup of great new analog products in the April ’17 issue. Until then, viva film. 

Via Photolari