Photokina 2016: A 1TB SD Card? It’s Coming, Someday, from SanDisk

Posted by on Tuesday September 20, 2016 | Photo Gear

You’re looking at a prototype of what will be the highest capacity SDXC card in the world. SanDisk showed off the card at Photokina 2016.

We don’t know when SanDisk will have the card ready for commercial distribution, but we do know why they’re making it: to keep pace with today’s new memory-intensive imaging applications, such as virtual reality, 4K resolution and higher video and ultra-high resolution digital cameras.

It was two years ago that SanDisk (now owned by Western Digital) released a 512GB card, so we’re roughly following Moore’s Law in terms of memory capacity if SanDisk can deliver a 1TB card soon. That 512GB card sells for $600 now, so you’re going to pay up for the 1TB version. Whenever it arrives.

Keep in mind that the SDXC specification tops out at 2TB, so we’re approaching the theoretical limit of this particular card format.