Instant film has been a hot seller these past few years and it looks like Leica has taken note. The premium camera maker will launch an instant film camera of its own, the SOFORT, in November.

The SOFORT will offer several photo modes including automatic, self-portrait, self-timer, sports, party & people and a macro mode. (There’s a tiny mirror on the front of the camera to help you compose your selfie.)

If you want more manual control you’ll be able to change focusing distance, turn the flash on or off, or increase/decrease image brightness.

The SOFORT works with both color and black-and-white film and the film will be sold in packs of 10 with a double pack of 20 available for color film. It will also accept Instax Mini Film.

The camera will be sold in orange, mint or white colors with optional carrying straps in the same style to match.

Basic specs:

  • 60mm f12.7 lens (34mm in 35mm equivalence)
  • focusing distance from .6-infinity
  • 1/400 sec. max shutter speed
  • optical viewfinder
  • 100 exposure battery life

The camera will retail for $300.


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