Apps are only as powerful as the hardware that runs them. With the newly announced iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, photo apps can harness improved processing power, better optics and a wider color gamut display.

And that’s just what Instagram plans to do.

Instagram’s design head Ian Spalter shared the stage with Apple execs in the big iPhone reveal and offered a glimpse of some changes coming to the popular photo app. Here’s what new iPhone owners can expect:


  • Redesigned Instagram color filters that leverage the wide color gamut of the iPhone display,
  • The iPhone 7’s 3D touch feature will enable you to quickly add images to Instagram’s new Stories feature,
  • Apple Live Photos can be transformed automatically into Instagram Boomerangs — as opposed to creating Boomerangs in a separate app,
  • The iPhone 7 Plus’ optical zoom will be accessible in the Instagram camera by sliding your finger across the screen, with haptic feedback to stop you at 2x and save you from pushing into digital zoom territory.



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