burkini400Hopping mad that citizens are using social media to spread  photos of French police forcing Muslim women to take off their burkinis, at least one French politician is threatening to prosecute anyone circulating photos of these incidents.

“I condemn these unacceptable provocations,” Christian Estrosi, the deputy mayor of Nice, was quoted as saying in an official press release. “I deplore what appears to be a maneuver to denigrate the municipal police, and endangers its agents. Complaints have been filed to prosecute those who spread the photographs of our municipal police officers and as well as those uttering threats against them on social networks.”

The statement says that the photos are subjecting police to “defamation and threats.”

Unmentioned is the ridicule that police are suffering on social media, as they go about their constabulary duties telling women how to dress or not dress.

Several French municipalities recently enacted laws prohibiting women from wearing so-called burkinis—modest swim attire that covers their arms and legs—on their beaches. Police in Nice have been patrolling the beaches there to enforce their local law.

Fueling the deputy mayor’s ire is one particular photo (above), published August 23 in both the Guardian and the Daily Mail, showing gun-carrying police forcing a woman on a beach in Nice to remove her burkini.

The deputy mayor called in his statement for a national law banning the circulation of such photographs on social media.