In Honor of World Photography Day, Here’s the Most Popular PDN Photos of the Day

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Here at PDN, every day is World Photography Day.

But in recognition of August 19th’s international holiday dedicated to celebrating passion for photography, PDN‘s editors are bringing attention to some of the most popular photographs that you, our readers, have enjoyed over the past three years.

We’ve dug through our archives to showcase some of the most popular PDN Photo of the Day collections. These selects cover very different subjects and a range of imaging processes, but all showcase the power of the medium, including its ability to capture human emotions and interpersonal connections.

Like what you see? Be sure to check back to PDN Photo of the Day every weekday for new work. And to see more of the most popular Photo of the Day collections, here are the Top 10 from 2015 and 2014.


Popular from 2014:


“Pre-Kiss,” 2010. © Olivia Bee


Kids in Love

Twenty-year-old Olivia Bee’s first solo exhibit, “Kids in Love,” features her friends, doing what teenagers and young adults do, but in a well-composed, beautiful way.

From the series "Bole Sol Nihal" © Mark Hartman

From the series “Bole Sol Nihal” © Mark Hartman


Portraits of the Nihang Sikhs, the Eternal Army

Images from New York City-based photographer Mark Hartman’s series “Bole Sol Nihang” include portraits of Nihang Sikhs, also known as the “eternal army,” who are known for their fearlessness, bravery and successful victories in battle. According to Hartman, their way of life hasn’t changed in nearly 300 years and, he says, “I felt a necessity to make images of them in modern times.”

Popular from 2015:

"Anne Jubd" © Peter Freed
“Anne Jubd” © Peter Freed


Women in Their Prime

Commercial photographer Peter Freed’s personal project, featuring portraits of women between the ages of 35 and 104, challenges assumptions about how women age.

"Kristin & Ryan, 18 Days," awaiting their first child in the series "Expecting" from "On the Nest" by Dona Schwartz. © Dona Schwartz
“Kristin & Ryan, 18 Days,” awaiting their first child in the series “Expecting” from “On the Nest” by Dona Schwartz. © Dona Schwartz


American Parenthood, Before and After

Dona Schwartz contrasts nervous and excited parents-to-be with empty-nest parents in the spaces their grown children have left behind.

Popular from 2016 (so far):

From the series "you will never walk alone." © Camila Svenson
From the series “you will never walk alone.” © Camila Svenson


Secret Life of Icelandic Teenagers

Camila Svenson found universal teenage moments in an Icelandic village, embedding herself to record the isolation and strong bonds that define small-town life.

"Bridal Bath," 2015, from the series "Public Intimacy." © Sinan Tuncay/Courtesy of United Photo Industries Gallery
“Bridal Bath,” 2015, from the series “Public Intimacy.” © Sinan Tuncay/Courtesy of United Photo Industries Gallery


Modern Anxieties, in Miniature

Using photographs of modern men and women, Sinan Tuncay constructs scenes from traditional Turkish weddings in the style of traditional miniature paintings.

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