Sponsored: Kickstarter Deadline is Near! New SoftPanels LED Lights that Offer a Color Meter Built into Every Light

Posted by on Friday May 6, 2016 | Lighting

Hollywood, California – May 6th, 2016  – Time is running short for backing SoftPanels innovative new LED lights with a color meter built into every light. Their highly successful Kickstarter campaign, which is offering their breakthrough lights at a fraction of the price of traditional LED lights, will end at 1pm PST on Sunday, May 8.

SoftPanels™ are a completely new approach to LED lighting utilizing a built-in color meter and intelligent color management technology in every light, thereby providing unprecedented color precision and control over the emitted light. By utilizing the built-in integrated color meter along with proprietary Autocolor technology, these new innovative fixtures instantly read the current ambient color conditions, and then exactly color-balance their LED color output to match the scene’s ambient conditions.


Following an award-garnering public debut of these breakthrough professional lighting fixtures at the recent National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention in Las Vegas, SoftPanels became the most successful professional lighting Kickstarter crowdsourcing ever. With an initial goal of $30,000, as of midday Friday May 6th, SoftPanels was already over a quarter of a million dollars pledged, with 150 individual backers.

At NAB, “Best of Show” awards were given to the Softpanels LED lights.  The judges were impressed with the innovative inclusion of a built-in color meter and intelligent color management technology in every light. This provides unprecedented color precision and smart control over the emitted light. These Softpanels fixtures can instantly read the current ambient color conditions and exactly color-balance their LED color output to match that of the scene’s ambient conditions.

SoftPanels units come in three familiar soft box sizes: 3x4ft (90x120cm), 2x3ft (60x90cm) and 1x2ft (30x60cm). They have a ultra-thin slimline 5 in. (130mm) form-factor, allowing them to fit easily on a set as well as in storage. All SoftPanels panels come with a honeycomb grid, gel frame, and soft case, and can be mounted either vertically or horizontally.

For more information, visit Softpanels’ Kickstarter campaign at www.Innovation-Kickstarter.com or videolights.com



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