New Software Promises to Take the Grunt Work Out of Ranking Your Images

Posted by on Thursday May 19, 2016 | Business

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Artificial intelligence has been on a role lately. In March, a computer program defeated a human in the ancient Chinese strategy game Go–a feat that was formerly thought to be a decade or more away given the state of the art. Last week, we learned that a U.S. law firm “hired” an AI algorithm based on IBM’s Jeopardy-winning Watson to do legal research for it.

So Picturesqe should come as no surprise.

Picturesqe is a new software program that sifts through your images, groups similar ones together and then ranks them by which ones look best. The idea is to reduce the amount of time it takes photographers to cull through large imports. The software looks for visual similarities (colors, scenes, faces) when grouping and initially is using criteria like under/over exposure to rank how “good” a photo is.

As the software learns about your images and style, it will grow more sophisticated and be able to rank images based on factors such as sharpness, color harmony and composition.

After your images are organized and ranked, you’ll be able to evaluate them yourself and make the final decision about which ones stay and which ones are trashed. An intelligent zoom feature enables you to zoom into the same spot on all similar images simultaneously to check for fine details.

Picturesqe works on RAW images, not just JPEGs, and supports over 600 RAW formats at launch.

It’s a free download for Windows for three months and is available as a standalone program or a plug-in for Adobe Lightroom. After that, you’ll pay $40/year. A Mac version is promised for the future.

If you download the software, you will have the option to participate in Picturesqe’s research program to help “train” its algorithm to perform more effectively. In effect, Picturesqe will take your photos after they’ve been sorted so the algorithm can be fine tuned–the company says they’ll only be thumbnails and won’t be linked to you or shared in anyway (you can read the full privacy policy here). The research program is opt-in, so you’re not obligated to participate.



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