Great Weekend Reads in Photography & Filmmaking

Posted by on Friday March 25, 2016 | Media

Amanda Tipton | Flickr

Amanda Tipton | Flickr

“We read to know we’re not alone.” ― William Nicholson

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Bonus Weekend Audio!

From NPR: In 1993, the photojournalist Paul Watson took three photographs of Somali dragging the body of an American soldier through the streets of Mogadishu. As he took the shots, he thought he heard the soldier, William David Cleveland, whisper: “If you do this, I will own you forever.” The moment and its aftermath is the subject of a play, “The Body of An American”, on through March 20 at the Cherry Lane Theatre. Brooke speaks with the playwright, Dan O’Brien, and with Watson about the photographs, the play, and their friendship.



What to Know Before Covering a Hurricane

Posted by on Friday August 25, 2017 | Media

Photojournalists in south Texas are prepping to cover Hurricane Harvey―a Category 2 storm that meteorologists are predicting will bring as much as 35 inches of rain into the region with winds of 100 mph, according to the National Weather Service. For those covering the storm, we’re sharing the NPPA Safety & Security Task Force’s Hurricane... More