“Color is like dynamite…. dangerous, unless you know how to use it.” – Anonymous

There are many ways to parse Instagram data but the firm Mode Analytics has opted for a rather unique one. They’ve done a deep dive into color, exploring which colors figure prominently in the work of 72 of Instagram’s top photographers (a designation earned by being on Instagram’s suggested user list).

To unpack the data, the company restricted itself to images posted in 2015 and then used an algorithm to identify various colors and how often they were represented in photographers’ images. They plotted the results on a color wheel–the more prominently a color juts out from the wheel, the more frequently it’s found in the photographer’s Instagram work.


Graphic via Mode Analytics, used with permission.

As you can see from the graphic below, many photographers lean heavily on certain colors (whether consciously or not) while others spread the color love around more liberally.

You can view the color wheel break down from all 72 photographers in the graphic below. Click on the photo for the full-sized image.


Mode has made the underlying Instagram data available for all to explore. Pretty neat.