Photography is a bit unique among technologically-driven disciplines in that new advancements don’t completely replace older approaches (even if they do marginalize them). While no one would relish the thought of creating computer-generated graphics on decades-only technology, photographers and artists routinely create work with processes and technologies far older than that.

The Cooperative of Photography just released a new video that takes us on a brief journey through 11 portraits taken with everything from a pinhole camera to a smartphone to illustrate the progression of picture-taking tools. It’s an interesting look at how far we’ve come, and also how portrait poses have a way of changing over time as well.

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How an iPhone 7 Compares to an Arri Alexa

Posted by on Wednesday May 17, 2017 | Camera

Spoiler alert: not well. Smartphone image quality has improved rapidly over the past few years, creating a fun sub-genre of YouTube videos pitting smartphones against vastly more expensive cameras. (Watch, for instance, how the iPhone 7 compares to a Red Weapon.) In this video, via Potato Jet, we have what may be the toughest comparison... More