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PDN‘s Technology Editor Greg Scoblete reviewed and reported on a wide range of gear and new technology in 2015, giving readers the pros, cons, and unique features of new cameras, video equipment, software, and accessories from lighting to lenses. Below is a list of the stories that attracted the most attention from PDN readers (and fellow gear fanatics):

1- 5 Affordable 4K Video Cameras – Since you no longer have to spend an arm and a leg to shoot 4K video, we outlined five approachable contenders.

2- 10 Interesting Things We Learned About Cameras and Lenses from LensRentals – How better learn about photography gear than to talk to the people who handle and repair it thousands of times? 

3- Object of Desire: Relio – It’s the LED light that fits in your pocket.

4- Objects of Desire: Our Favorite Gear of the Year – We reported on a variety of gadgets and useful photo gear in 2015 and compiled this list of some of our favorites.

5- Meet the Light Camera: 16 Cameras in One – The L16 from Light is a computer with lenses on it—16, in fact.

6- Four Things We Want in a Canon 5D Mark IV – It’s been three years since Canon updated its 5D lineup. Here’s our wish list for what we want to see when the new model is unveiled.

7- Epson Goes Wider with New SureColor P800 Printer – Epson’s P800 uses an UltraChrome HD inkset for producing long-lasting photo prints.

8- Zeiss’ New Tank: The Otus 85mm f/1.4 – The massive new metal-barreled portrait lens from Zeiss is built to last, sharp and costs a small fortune.

9- Pentax President on Medium Format, Full Frame Future – We had a chance to ask President of Pentax, Jim Malcom, four questions at the WPPI show this year. 

10- Lensbaby Debuts Velvet 56 Portrait Lens – Readers like the portrait lens that brings the bokeh.

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