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[Update: A few readers have pointed out that the site is returning spam links or attempting to download malware. We didn’t experience any malware warnings on our Mac and didn’t find the site in BadWare clearing house–though it’s very new and may not yet be listed. We also sent it through VirusTotal, a site that runs URL scans through a number of different malware detectors from a variety of services. Their results found only one service returning a malware warning and over 25 claiming it was clean. Either way, we’ve sent the site to a few malware researchers to learn more. If you’re dying to know your top Instagram posts, maybe you do have to do it the old fashion way…. ]

As the year winds down, thoughts naturally turn to making lists and meticulously cataloging the year that was.

Avid Instagrammers could take the time to scroll through a year’s worth of posts, but this being the 21st Century, far better to let algorithms do it for you. A new site — 2015bestnine — digs through your year in posts and generates a collage of your nine most-liked images.

You simply enter in your Instagram user name and wait for the results (while you wait, you can peruse the site’s interesting grammatical choices). The images will be ordered by rank, with your most-liked appearing in the upper left hand corner.

Here’s an example of what it looks like from Instagram’s most followed personality.

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